Root Canals

Root canals are often mistakenly thought to cause tooth pain, so people may dread this treatment. In actuality, root canal therapy can save a damaged tooth from extraction and relieve your discomfort.

When a tooth develops extensive decay or sustains severe trauma, the nerve, also referred to as pulp, can become infected. The pain occurs because of the infection, which causes increased blood flow to the tooth and creates pressure in the canals.

Dr. Troy will perform a root canal to remove the diseased pulp and preserve your tooth. Once the dentist cleans out the tooth, he'll fill it with a man-made material and seal off the area to prevent further problems. For patients who experience mild soreness afterwards, over-the-counter pain medications will alleviate these symptoms.

Not only can root canal therapy stop tooth pain and sensitivity, but this procedure can also save teeth that we would otherwise have to extract. When a tooth becomes heavily damaged, there will come a point at which the only option for treatment is extraction and replacement. If we catch it early enough and step in with root canal therapy, we can help you avoid that more advanced and complex treatment option.

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